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Blue Spot Puffer; Fiji

Blue Spot Puffer; Fiji

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Blue Spot Puffer; Fiji – Canthigaster solandri

Care:  Moderate

Diet: Omnivore

Temperament: Semi Aggressive

Reef Safe: No

Minimum Tank Size:  50 gallons

The Blue Spot Puffer is one of the more colorful and vivid members of the Puffer family.  Lacking Pelvic fins, it moves using its pectoral fins roaming the tank in an almost comedic fashion.  Generally they are relatively hardy, but they do have special requirements.

For their size they do create a high bio load.  Puffers are notoriously messy eaters, therefore an efficient protein skimmer is necessary.  They also need a diet consisting of shellfish in order to wear down their teeth.  All Puffers including the Blue Spot Puffer should never be exposed to air as they may have issues expelling excess air.  When frightened they will also puff up, so they should only be moved in specimen containers.  Blue Spot Puffers are not reef safe as they may nip at corals and will most certainly devour a cleaning crew.  For all their requirements they do make a striking addition to a FOWLR tank.

Notes:  Handle with care – Canthigaster solandri produces a toxin that is capable of poisoning certain areas of your tank.



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