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Emperor Angelfish (Adult)

Emperor Angelfish (Adult)


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Emperor Angelfish (Pomacanthus imperator) 

Care Level:  Intermediate

Diet:  Omnivore

Temperament:  Semi-Aggressive

Reef Compatible:  With Caution

Minimum Tank Size:  200 gallons

This strikingly attractive fish has bold colors of yellow, blue and black as an adult. Vertical stripes extend from the pectoral fins to almost the entire body length.  This massive fish can grow to almost 16 inches and requires a system of at least 200 gallons and lots of live rock for hiding and scavenging.  Some specimens may coexist with some species of coral, but more often than not adults will pick at SPS and soft corals.  To lessen the chance of any reef compatibility issues many aquarists choose to purchase juvenile Emperor Angelfish.  Adult Emperor Angels are harder to acclimate to captivity and may be more disruptive.

A true omnivore, the Emperor or Imperator Angel should be fed a diet consisting of marine algae, shrimp, angelfish preparations and Spirulina.  This large species of angelfish is semi-aggressive, especially towards conspecifics.  They can also be territorial towards other species of angelfish, however choosing angels of varying shapes and sizes should lessen territorial disputes.

Standard water parameters apply for the Imperator Angel.  A temperature of 72- 78 degrees, PH of 8.1-8.4  and specific gravity between 1.023-1.025 will suffice.  The Emperor Angelfish is moderately hard to keep and is not recommended for novice aquarists.


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