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FMC Sun Raven Blastomussa Mini Colony (WYSIWYG)

FMC Sun Raven Blastomussa Mini Colony (WYSIWYG)


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FMC Sun Raven Blastomussa Mini Colony (WYSIWYG)

6 Heads

Blastomussa Wellsi

Care Level:  Moderate

Temperament:  Semi-Aggressive

Waterflow:  Low

Lighting:  Moderate

Placement:  Bottom (not on sand)

Temperature: 76-82 Degrees Fahrenheit

Specific Gravity:  1.023-1.025

PH:  8.2-8.4

Alkalinity:  9-11 DKH

Calcium:  400-425 ppm

The FMC Sun Raven Blastomussa coral is one of many different color variations of the species, Blastomussa Wellsi.  This LPS coral is moderately hardy once acclimated.  Blasto’s prefer placement towards the bottom of the aquarium with moderate lighting and low flow.  Do not place your Blasto’s on the sand bed as this may result in accidental tearing of the polyps.

With shades of red, orange, yellow, a hint of green and a purple center, the FMC Sun Raven Blastomussa is a true collector’s coral.  Although they are not terribly aggressive, adequate spacing is still necessary.  The lone exception is within their own species.  Blasto’s are known to coexist in close proximity to each other.

Blastomussa corals do not need to be fed as they rely primarily on Zooxanthellae algae.  With that being said, they do appreciate target feeding and are more than happy to consume mysis shrimp or other meaty items.  We feed most of our LPS corals a combination of LRS Reef Frenzy, Reef Roids and Benepets.  One aspect of the FMC Sun Raven Blastomussa and all Blastomussa coral is that although the polyps look like they are connected, each polyp is its own individual animal.  When target feeding, It’s important to make sure all polyps are fed.

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