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Humu Humu Triggerfish

Humu Humu Triggerfish

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Humu Humu Triggerfish – Rhinecanthus aculeatus

Care Level:  Easy

Diet:  Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive

Reef Safe: no

Minimum Tank Size:  170 gallons

The Humu Humu Triggerfish or Picasso Triggerfish has vibrant patterns of black, blue and yellow creating an appearance similar to a painting.  This large trigger can grow to almost one foot.  A large 170+ gallon tank with a large supply of live rock will allow the fish to thrive.  The Humu Humu Triggerfish can be kept with  aggressive fish and occasionally with other triggers such as the Clown Triggerfish.  They are more aggressive than the often reef safe Blue Jaw Trigger and will gain aggressiveness as they age.

Often Called the trigger with the most personality, the Picasso Trigger will beg for food as well as make  grunting sounds.  Caves and hiding places are necessary for all triggers including the Humu Humu.  At night they will wedge themselves and raise their dorsal fin for protection.

The Humu Humu Triggerfish will eat Shrimp, Crabs and small fish.  Other than eating crustaceans and small inhabitants they are mostly reef safe.  It’s generally hard to trust triggers with anything, but the Humu Humu has been known leave coral alone.  Feeding should consist of meaty items such as Mysis Shrimp, Clams, Mussels, Squid as well as specialty trigger preparations.

Like most triggers, the Humu Humu isn’t finicky about water conditions, however to thrive basic water parameters must be met.

A water temperature of between 74 and 78 degrees with a PH of 8.1-8.4 is optimal.  Keep Phospates and Nitrates <.10 ppm and specific gravity between 1.024-1.026 with 1.025 being ideal.

Overall, it’s hard to match the vibrant beauty and personality of the Humu Humu Triggerfish.  With it’s ease of care and social tendencies it’s easy to see why it remains one of the more popular triggers in the home aquaria.



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