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Medium Lawnmower Blenny

Medium Lawnmower Blenny


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Lawnmower Blenny – Salarias fasciatus

Care:  Easy

Diet:  Herbivore

Temperament:  Peaceful

Reef Safe:  Yes

Minimum Tank Size:  40 Gallons

The Lawnmower Blenny (Salarias fasciatus) is an active and beneficial member of any reef aquarium.  The Lawnmower Blenny has a torpedo like body and is excellent at camouflage.  Its brownish body mixed with various spots makes it occasionally hard to spot.  Well known for their algae eating benefits, they will readily consume most varieties of nuisance algae.  They do not require any special care other than live rock to hide and graze as well as an abundance of algae growth.  If algae isn’t available, supplement their diet with Nori seaweed.

As with all Blennies, the Lawnmower Blenny can and will jump.  A tight fitting lid is a must.  This species of Blenny is one of the more hardier and active species.  They can be somewhat rambunctious at times so they shouldn’t inhabit with anything that is particularly sensitive such as sea horses.  This popular fish is recommended for beginner and advanced tanks alike.  They can grow to 5-6 inches and the minimum tank size should be 40+ gallons.  They thrive well in  standard reef setups with water temperatures ranging from 73-78 degrees and a PH of 8-8.4.


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