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Potters Angel – Hawaii

Potters Angel – Hawaii



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Potters Angel – Hawaii (Centropyge potteri)

CARE LEVEL:  Difficult


TEMPERAMENT:  Semi-Aggressive



Native to Hawaii, the Potters Angel is a striking member of the Centropyge family. Their Rusty orange color against their vertical blue reticulating lines highlight any saltwater aquarium.  Like all dwarf angels they can be unpredictable when it  comes to nipping at corals.  Some have been known to pick at corals while other specimens ignore them completely.  The three from our experience that nip the least are the Coral Beauty Angel, Flame Angel and the Potters Angel.

Potters Angel’s can be territorial and one per tank is the rule unless the tank is large enough to support two (100 gallons or larger).   They will also fight with any other dwarf angel of similar color and or shape.

The Potters Angel is widely considered as difficult and usually adapts to captivity slowly and they require stable water parameters.  Standard ranges of 72-78 degrees F, PH of 8.1-8.4 and a specific gravity of 1.020-1.025.  They can be sensitive to copper as well as low PH.  As a true omnivore they can and will adapt to most types of foods.  Their diet should be varied for optimum health including algae to graze on, seaweed, angelfish pellets or flakes, Mysis Shrimp, etc.

Dwarf Angels need plenty of open swimming space as well as life rock with algae growth, sponge and tunicates. They can live anywhere from 5-7 years and reach 4-6 inches.   Once they acclimate they become social and bold.  Keeping them well fed should minimize the risk of nipping, however there is no sure fire way of 100% preventing coral nipping.

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