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Powder Blue Tang

Powder Blue Tang


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Powder Blue Tang – Acanthurus leucosternon

Care:  Intermediate

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Semi Aggressive

Reef Safe: Yes

Minimum Tank Size:  125 gallons

Known for its striking patterns of blue and yellow, the Powder Blue Tank is one of the most attractive fish species within the saltwater aquarist hobby today.  These fish are extremely aggressive towards their own kind and tangs in general.  They are better kept singly or added to a large aquarium at the same time.  Powder Blue Tangs will eat almost anything, however they should be given seaweed and algae daily.  This will improve the overall health of your tang as well as minimize aggressiveness.

Powder Blue Tangs require a larger system of at least 125 gallons with ample space to swim as well as plenty of hiding places.  They can grow up to 9 inches and are very active in a community or FOWLR aquarium.  As with most tangs they can also be susceptible to Marine Ich. Garlic infused seaweed will help strengthen their immune system.  They are best kept in mature systems with live rock and algae to graze on.  Powder Blue Tangs are also best kept in tanks with the highest water standards as well as high water circulation.

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