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Red & Pink Tile Starfish

Red & Pink Tile Starfish



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Red & Pink Tile Starfish- (Fromia SP)

Care level:  Moderate/Advanced

Temperament:  Peaceful

Max Size:  5 inches

Diet:  Omnivore

Reef Safe:  Yes


The Red & Pink Tile Starfish is a reef compatible member of the Fromia family.  They only reach about 5 inches and are suitable for the home aquaria with the right conditions.  Fromia’s in general do better in well established tanks of at least 100 gallons.  The Red & Pink Tile Starfish will tolerate other members of it’s own kind, however the rule of thumb is 1 per 75-100 gallons.  A mature setup is a requirement for long term health and survival as well as an ample supply of algae covered live rock.

Their difficulty rating is due to their acclimation needs and constant vigilance with regards to water parameters.  Starfish need to acclimate slowly via the drip method for at least two hours.  They are intolerant of sudden PH and Salinity changes.  Furthermore, Starfish should not be exposed to air at any time.  Stable water parameters are essential for the survival of the Red & Pink Tile Starfish: Temperature 74-78 degrees; SG 1.023-1.025; PH 8.1-8.4.  Equally as important is to keep nitrates at <10 ppm and nitrites and ammonia at 0 ppm.

Other types of food such as high quality flakes, Mysis Shrimp, Clams, Mussels, etc. can also supplement their diet.  Overall, the Red & Pink Tile Starfish is a peaceful and highly desirable inhabitant of any reef tank.


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